A Better Way Group Health Coaching

$19.00 / month

A Live Bi-weekly, Zoom Group Coaching Call with Dr. Tabor Smith!

  • Coaching and accountability on how to track your health.
  • Your health can NOT be based on how you look or feel. It’s based on the accumulation of your choices over time.
  • As Dr. Tabor states in his book Health Care or Sick Care; It’s Your Choice, the formula for longterm health is:  HC – UHC = YOU  (Healthy Choices – Unhealthy Choices = You) Dr. Tabor will show you how to keep a journal so you can track your healthy/unhealthy choices that you make every day without thinking about it.  This way you can look back on your documentation and know if you’ve had a positive day or a negative day (health-wise).  You’ll be able to see if you made more healthy choices than unhealthy choices each week, month, and year.  This is the ONLY accurate way to track your health trajectory!
  • You’ll get personal group coaching from Dr. Tabor on how to implement the 5 keys to wellness he talks about in his program so you can get healthy and stay!  Plus you’ll be able to ask questions and interact during each session.
  • Dr. Tabor will have frequent expert guests (some of which you saw in the movie) speaking on natural solutions to multiple health topics from back pain, neck pain, headaches, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol, high blood pressure, weight-loss, spinal health, pre-natal health, diet, exercise, stem cell therapy, acupuncture, yoga, and the list will go on and on!

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