Chiropractic for Everybody
Dr. Stephanie O'Brien
Chiropractic is a Membership Based practice open to Everybody! We provide specific Chiropractic Care for anyone looking to discover how Chiropractic Care can help you discover how healthy you can be. It is recommended that your first and second appointment be scheduled. There after you schedule your appointments based on your life and my office hours. We also recommend a complimentary consultation where we can meet, I will give you a tour of the office and we can discuss your health goals. We strive to empower you to embrace your body's strength. Schedule your consultation today! Call or Text 404-370-8050. You may have to leave a message. Office Hours Monday 10-1 & 3-6; Wednesday 4-7; Friday, 10-1 & 3-6; Saturday 10-12.
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Chiropractic for Everybody