Be a Leader in Spreading the Truth

Help More Patients Overcome the Conspiracy to Keep Them Sick

Become a Trusted Partner

Be a Leader in Spreading the Truth

Help More Patients Overcome the Conspiracy to Keep Them Sick

Become a Trusted Partner

Don’t Let Big Pharma Keep Spreading Lies

Be Part of the Movement to Combat Overmedication

Until now, doctors who know the truth have had to fight on their own to combat Big Pharma’s lies that are leading to massive overmedication. Now there’s a movement of over 60,000 doctors who are ready to stand as one voice against Big Pharma.

We need to PUSH to educate our country faster so we can simply stop buying into the lie!

Help More Patients Discover the Truth

Patients are getting smarter, and as we continue to spread the truth, more patients will search for doctors who will honestly work with them to achieve health. So, we invite you to join the movement by applying to be a trusted partner in our network of doctors who are dedicated to helping more patients learn the truth.

1. Enhanced Authority

Patients will know you’re armed with research and information gathered by trusted sources–not financial incentives.

2. Greater Trust

Your recommendations will be trusted as a genuine path to well-being rather than being motivated by Big Pharma’s bottom line.

3. Hold Big Pharma Accountable

Be part of the movement to go head-to-head with Pharmaceutical executives.

We Care About Helping You Help More Patients

  • Tools to Help You Educate Patients
  • Full-length feature film that reveals Big Pharma’s lies
  • Patient-Trusted Directory of Doctors
Become a Trusted Partner

This information is absolutely life changing for anyone out there who is truly wanting to achieve optimal health and function of their body.

Dr. Jacque Moser

A must watch, so everyone can get the opportunity to learn what true health and healing is.

Dr. M. Edward Towles

Be a Leader in Revealing the Truth

1. Apply to be a Trusted Partner

2. Share the Truth

3. Help More Patients Find “A Better Way”

So, join the movement by applying to be a Trusted Partner today. In the meantime, see what other doctors have uncovered about the conspiracy by watching the film, “A Better Way.” You don’t have to keep feeling frustrated about not being able to conquer the dangerous conditioning of more people. Instead, be apart of the movement to overcome Big Pharma’s lies so you can help more patients take control of their health and start living the amazing lives they deserve.

Become a Trusted Partner

Big Pharma has conditioned patients to blindly reach for a pill when they’re sick or in pain, and patients don’t realize they could actually be making themselves worse. With A Better Way Film, you can help your patients discover the truth about Big Pharma’s conspiracy to keep them sick, and instead, show them a better way to alleviate pain and achieve lasting health.

Become a Trusted Partner

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