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About A Better Way

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You want to treat more patients, but America has been conditioned to automatically reach for a pill when they’re sick or in pain. 

We know how frustrating it is to see patients battle with continued poor health and pain and see them compound their struggles by masking them blindly with medication. Like, you, we believe patients deserve to know the effects drugs have on their bodies and know about non-pharmaceutical options for obtaining health such as chiropractic care. 

You’ve likely wondered if there was a tool that could help you grow your practice by helping more people overcome the unhealthy instinct to automatically reach for a pill. 

It’s just not right that chiropractors have to work so hard to prove the efficacy of their industry. After all, you’re helping people find lasting wellness and pain relief.

At A Better Way, we get it!

We want Americans to wake up, take back control of their health, and seek natural solutions like chiropractic care for pain relief. So, we’ve started a movement to spread the truth and help patients discover a better way. 

As part of the movement, we’ve created a full-length documentary called A Better Way that reveals why America is getting sicker and validates chiropractic as an effective treatment option. A Better Way is a powerful tool you can use to help your patients discover the truth about Big Pharma’s attempts to keep them sick and discover a better way to alleviate pain and achieve lasting health.

Produced by Dr. Tabor Smith and Clay Vaughan who both have discovered the healing benefits of non-pharmacological pain relief firsthand, the film follows Tabor’s travels across the US as he interviews patients and healthcare professionals who have found better ways to manage pain and achieve health. 

Inspired by the death of Tabor’s mother who died at age 47 while taking over 20 medications, the film is helping others discover how to find natural healing and wellness.

We Help You Help More Patients

We are committed to helping you treat more people with chiropractic care so you can stop feeling frustrated and saddened because not enough people think to turn to natural solutions for pain management and health.

We’ve also created a network of trusted healthcare professionals who patients can seek care from and trust that their doctor will honestly show them ways to improve their health and reduce their pain rather than just offer a “quick fix” pill.

Here’s how you grow your practice:

1) Get Access to the Film & Tools
2) Share the Truth
3) Help More Patients Live a Better Way

So, join the movement by accessing the film and additional tools so you can be on your way to a thriving practice.

We believe you should be able to follow your calling to help people achieve wellness naturally and people deserve to know the truth about the harmful effects of overmedication.

We help you conquer the dangerous conditioning of America so you can help more patients take control of their health and start living the amazing lives they deserve. 

So get access to the film and the tools so you can get started today.

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